How to create a Google Account

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Instruction: How to create a Google Account

What you will do to make a Google Account ?

Google Company has created many convenient services for a lot of purposes. If you have a Google Account, you can completely use all these services for FREE. They are Google Plus (Google +), Email or Drive,… Below, we will show you an instruction of how to create and register a Google Account.


Step 1: Access to the URL address or click here Đây and follow the instruction like the image (the address URL may be different for continents and countries). I will use my language display, but the location of all things (buttons,images,scripts,…) will be the same with different languages. (1)

Step 2: Click the phrase “Tạo một tài khoản” (Vietnamese) or “Create an account” (English). If someone logged in some minutes ago and this phrase link does not show up here, you will see a phrase looks like “Choose another account” (or something likes this phrase). On the next page, you will click “Add account” and the page (look the image below) will appear. (2)

Step 3: Input the appropriate informations as it is prompted. (3)

Step 4: Do the steps followed by the numbers (4)

Step 5: You continue to follow the instruction. You will have 2 options here. If you use text massage (SMS), Google will send you an SMS containing the code for confirmation. If you use a phone call, Google will call you and speak the code for you (2 times) (5)

Step 6: Input the code and follow the instructions – Finish this step and you complete your registration with Google. (6)