Nikka Samurai Wine

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You can see the Vietnamese version here: Tiếng Việt

JAPAN Nikka Samurai Wine

Welcoming Lunar New Year 2017 with Whisky is so wonderful

Nikka Samurai Wine

[Nikka Samurai Wine]

That amazing feeling when I first saw this one of a kind wine like Nikka Samurai Wine. A strong and mighty body comes along with a fearless Samurai Head bottle cap. The most powerful warriors and the guardians of Japan who protect their people off the unfortunate and poverty. When I ask Mr.Masataka the reason he choose The Samurai as the brand of his company brand, he said it represent where comes from and the spirit of his people.

Mr.Masataka said : “Until today, it still represent my people’s spirit for the young generation. The Nikka Samurai Wine is a perfect and noble gift for your grandparents, parents and other customers as well as your friends and the person you give respect to. I asure you that there is no other wine can be as special as The Japan Nikka Samurai Hibiki Whisky.

Nikka Samurai Wine

Japan Nikka Samurai Whisky – Nama chocolate shop

You can feel the hot and spiciness to the freezing taste slipping through your tongue which awake hundreds of your tasting sense. It gives you a kick in your mind and everything will disappear by now. After the taste of hot and spiciness comes the taste of sweetness and passionate taste of your mind and unite between your body and soul.

Give it a try if you haven’t taste the feeling of your soul and mind which is specially mix together.

Nikka Samurai Wine

Basic information about the Nikka Samurai

Colour : Amber

Ingredient : Wheat, cereal, plant essences, dry fruits and vani tree, …

Taste : Long sweet smell, Hot and spicy taste, deep taste flavor

Made in : Hibiki Japan

Capacity : 750ml

Expire date : None

Product available in winter and spring.

You can see the Vietnamese version here: Tiếng Việt