Nikka Samurai Wine

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In the late of 2017, NIKKA SAMURAI WHISKY JAPAN created a large new wave in Japan and in Asia. People rush to find this special whisky as a gift for New Year Day and formal occasions. What makes Nikka Samurai Whisky Japan more special than the others? What makes Nikka Samurai wine win customer’s hearts?


As you know, Japan is a special country which always honors and keeps its own tradition and culture from the world outside. In fact, this wine brand was created in 1918 by a student – studying abroad in Scotland – Masataka.

Nikka Samurai whisky Japan - Nama chocolate shop

Today, Masataka is the CEO of the largest whisky Japanese Company- HIBIKI. During studying in Scotland, Masataka learnt the way to make wine from a famous whisky expert, but this young man always kept in mind the idea how to make a new kind of whisky that special for his own country. After that, he accidentally created a new kind of whisky from normal daily ingredients: vanilla, clove, oak tree, fruit extracts…

He returned back Japan and founded a small wine factory. In 1934, new Brand Nikka Samurai Whisky Japan was famous in the international market.

What makes Nikka Samurai Whisky so special? Firstly, Nikka Whisky is not normal whisky. It is a harmony of many layers of sweet and charming tropical fruit flavors kept traditionally carefully in some oak boxes.

Nikka Samurai whisky Japan - Nama chocolate shop

Secondly, this is also the most special thing of Nikka Whisky. Wine is kept in Samurai –shaped bottle. Samurai is the official symbol for majestic, strong, loyal and assertive Japanese characters. This shows how proud the Japanese for their culture and country.

Masataka answered the question why he chose Samurai image for Nikka Wine: “It is our national spirit and origin”. Furthermore, when tasting this wine, customers experience interestingly between its layers of flavors.

Nikka Samurai whisky Japan - Nama chocolate shop

First layer is a mixture of fresh oranges, apricot. Second layer is charming and warm oak flavor and sweet fruit caramel. Third layer is a little sweet of ripe fruits mixing nice smell of vanilla. Customers may feel so relax, and sweep away their daily sorrows and worries, wake up their senses and refresh for a new day.

Nikka Samurai Whisky is the best gift for your business partners, clients on New Year Day or business meetings; for the relatives, friends and beloved family on family reunions and special occasions.


  • Color: Amber.
  • Ingredients: Rye, cereals, fruit and herb extracts, vanilla….
  • Taste: long-lasting flavor, charming, warm with nice smell.
  • Origin: Hibiki  Japan Company.
  • Volume: 750 ml.
  • Expiration date: No
  • This product is just available in Spring and Winter.