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Japanese culture which is famous all over the world



Nama chocolate Yamazaki single malt Whiskey is really a creatively starting point in December. Compounding ideas from nice products made from natural ingredients, E-Royce’ has brought Yamazaki wine taste and Whiskey – one of famous wines in the world – wine taste into a perfect product.

Do you know the taste of Yamazaki wine ? Are you a fan Whiskey wine ? Have you not mixed these two kinds of wine into any chocolate product ? You feel your curiosity go up when you know this product is available both in the world market and local Japan ? You want to try it immediately ? Genuine brand product which is a combination between Whiskey and amber Yamazaki which is produced with various tastes from winter – autumn fruits in Japan.

Rượu Nhật Bản thơm ngon được pha chung với nama chocolate

When traveling to Japan in the autumn, you should try this Yamazaki wine which is made from the ferment of natural fruits in wooden basket. The main fruits of the wine are raisin, apricot, café, aulait (cherry) and mizunara (Japanese oak rind). When you enjoy a drop of this product, you will immediately feel all the wonderful tastes of limited nama chocolate that you ate. All of them are scaled with an enough amout to make the smoothness and harmony which do not create the discomfort for the throat.

With the same method of product making from Japan, candies and sweets must have the sophistication from the yellow bronze box to the quality inside with premium chocolate powder. Having a little bitter from cacao, a little piquant from Yamazaki and the glitter of genuine fresh cream. The sweetness of chocolate is not from the chemistry but from the pure sweetness of distillative fruits which makes the taste of Yamazaki.

Chút cay cay nồng đượm từ ly rượu Whiskey ấm áp

People love drinking Whiskey in European countries because its unique taste creates a feeling of success for people in work . Therefore, the combination between Whiskey and Yamazaki has created a luxurious and valuable gift. Only one drop and you cannot stop until the 20th drop. You can give it to your partner in events such as Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015. Fresh chocolate with 2-in-1 taste can make the customers having more choices. Let any distances become zero. Everything can be done if we stick it to our soul and make a toast, then say: “Very wonderful …”

Đặc sắc món quà Giáng Sinh nama chocolate Whisky - Yamazaki

(Christmas – 20 drops / box 190 grams)


Price: Season



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