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Fresh chocolate Kir Royal is a new special product introduced to public on Christmas 2017. However, this product has been becoming popular with all fans of Champagne chocolate in short time. Customers are impressed by its unique flavor, which brings a relaxing, comfortable feeling in harmony with nature, fresh air and romantic love with warm cocktails. Kir Royal is also called “Greece Black Currant Fresh Chocolate” because of its flavor and ingredients.

Fresh chocolate Kir Royal

Fresh chocolate Kir Royal is a perfect combination with 75% pure cacao mixing with 25%  special fresh milk cream from Hokkaido, which has a light and charming smell.

fresh chocolate Kir Royal

Royce Company has an intelligent idea when they mix Crème de Classis (Blackcurrant liquid) with Champagne. This hidden secret flavor of Kir Royal Chocolate is waiting for all customers. Let taste it and enjoy!

fresh chocolate Kir Royal

With new version of Kir Royal 2019, the impressive combination of unique colors on each covering box attract strongly the customers’ eyes. This unique covering box honors the luxury and great elegance.

According to some customers, when you open this box, the good smell of Blackcurrant flavor bursts strongly. When tasting each pieces of chocolate, you will feel a light spice of wine on your top tongue, sweetness from chocolate and special light sweetness of cocktail. Each of pieces of chocolate will be melt gradually to the end and keep this flavor after that. It’s so amazing.

fresh chocolate Kir Royal

Storage condition: under or 10°C

Weight: 190 grams

Quantity: 20 pieces of chocolate

Price: 300,000 VND (The price may be different in seasons)

Contact Information:

Address: 125/45b Au Duong Lan Street, Ward 2, Dis.8, HCM City

Phone:  098.789.6856 – 0121.3767.991 – 0907.990.290

Fb: namachocolate2014



Chrismas 2018 is gone and warm Valentine is upcoming. In this changing time, the coldest is changing to warm sunshine of Spring, seeds and love season.

fresh chocolate Kir Royal

With faraway love,  some couples suffer from their miss each others throughout time and spaces. This chocolate is an ideal gift to them in order to warm their feelings, their relationship. Valentine is upcoming soon, so let show your love to your friend, your partners by giving “a little love” Kir Royal Chocolate 2019.

Let enjoy and always be happy in each value moments in our life!