Green Almond

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Chocolate Almond Matcha Eroyce – Japan

(Fresh Green Tea Chocolate with almond inside)


Eroyce Matcha Almond Chocolate - Japanese Green Tea Almond

E-Royce nama chocolate, a familiar chocolate branch that has the belief of the people in Japan. With a lot of kinds of nama chocolate from the hard ones to the soft ones, each of them has its unique. Among that, green tea almond chocolate (matcha almond) always has the attention of many customers inside and outside the country – Japan. Have you tried ? I did eat and felt them – very unique and delicious. Why ? Because it is different from the others. From the first appearance, you can notice an eye-catching fresh green color which completely creates an attractive feeling for customers.

Eroyce Matcha Almond Chocolate - Japanese Green Tea Almond

This nut shape product is not a strange one to people but it can create a “want-to-eat” desire in the world for people who have a sweet tooth. You know why ? Because you cannot have a change to find a product like this one in the store except traditional nut chocolate. Maybe, this is the feature that makes us to have a decision of bringing this “unique – strange” product home.

Besides, when you put one drop into your mouth, you will notice the aromatic smell of green tea powder coming into your nose. The matcha layer outside is perfect in shape, no denting or crack like. The meticulousness in the production process help the Japanese people and their products in gaining a high position in the world. You want to travel to Japan ? But the price is too high and you feel bad ? Now, you can come to Nama Chocolate Shop to find some favorite snacks or foods with a reasonable price.

Eroyce Matcha Almond Chocolate - Japanese Green Tea Almond

You can both enjoy and bring home this chocolate as a gift with an affordable price. Fresh green tea almond is a snack in family party and friends party. Let you and family try this nama matcha almond chocolate to feel the sweet and crispy cover outside. Unlike other candies, Matcha Almond is not only famous of its good natural and  non-food coloring appearance but also of its shape and feature – 10 drop are the same. The crispy taste is over ; the smell comes – aromatic and fleshy, and gets rid of the bore. Once you try, you cannot stop because this product will keep your feeling.

Eroyce Matcha Almond Chocolate - Japanese Green Tea Almond

Eroyce Matcha Almond Chocolate – Japanese Green Tea Almond is suitable for picnic or family party. Instead of choosing old candies to give your family and relatives, you can give Matcha Almond a chance. You can serve this kinds of chocolate with tea or coffee. Your family will gather around and the joy can begin with fresh green tea almond chocolate from Eroyce.

Nama Chocolate Shop

Eroyce Matcha Almond Chocolate - Japanese Green Tea Almond


Price: 260.000 VND/box



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