Cacao 88

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With European countries, Champagne is a symbol wine in business parties and meetings. With Asian countries, special Japan – a country has a unique ancient national culture and national pride, Sake is one of the most famous symbols. Because of Japanese habit lifestyle, people living harmony with nature, Sake appreared popularly in public and is loved by all people there. Because of national pride, Chocolate Company has released a new chocolate with Sake flavor, which brings a new trend to chocolate market. Let welcome our new product fresh chocolate Cacao 88 Sake Carre from Japan.

Fresh chocolate Cacao 88 Sake Carre - Nama Chocolate Shop hcm

Fresh chocolate Cacao 88 Sake Carre

If you used to taste Sake, you will find a light fresh smell of rice flavor and warm sweet of its taste on your top tongue. Nothing is wonderful when you drink a cup of warm Sake in the cold winter days.

With Cacao 88 chocolate, it is a harmony of 88% fresh cacao and light sweet of Sake flavor in each pieces of chocolate. Its unexplanied flavor is soft but it lasts forever. When tasting this chocolate, people image about love. Love is something soft, charming but lasting forever.

Fresh chocolate Cacao 88 Sake Carre - Nama Chocolate Shop hcm

According to love in Japanese culture, a man is strong, cold and gentle, while a girl is soft, warm that makes a man passinonate. Therefore, this chocolate is a great gift for couples, that helps customers tell how much he/she loves the partners.

Love sometimes don’t need showing by speech but by a little things with honesty. Just give this gift to your partner, don’t speak anything; the gift will show what is next.

88 Cacao Sake Carre Flavor Fresh Chocolate – a little thing called LOVE!


Price: 280,000 VND / box (The price maybe different on seasons)

Address: 125/45B Au Duong Lan St., Ward 2, Dis.8, HCM City.

Phone: 098.789.6856 – 0121.3767.991 – 0907.990.290

Facebook: namachocolate2014