Cacao 70

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In 2018, in Japan, chocolate combining with wine is a hot trend in chocolate market. We used to know the famous Cacao 88 (chocolate with Sake Flavor). Today, we are happy to introduce to all of you a new chocolate with European wine, that is born for luxury and professionl class. This is fresh chocolate Cacao 70 whishkey Carre from Japan.

Morinaga Company keep the chance to introduce a chocolate with Whiskey flavor for bussiness parties or professional meetings. If you are a fan of Whiskey, you cannot deny this signifiacant chocolate. Bring it home and make it a beautiful gift.

Fresh chocolate Cacao 70 whishkey Carre - Nama Chocolate Shop

Fresh chocolate Cacao 70 whishkey Carre

Chapagne is popular with public, but Whiskey is symbol of luxury, elegance and profession. Whiskey has a strong flavor with a little bit light sweet inside, that shows a gentleman with strong appreance but warm heart inside. It’s a factor of a successful man in society as well as in bussiness.

With the balance between 70% fresh chocolate and medium Whiskey flavor, Cacao 70 is suitable for us to enjoy after meals to relax and comfortabble after hard working day. In Vietnam, this product is new; however, it is becoming popular with a lot of fans of chocolate. And our shop will be the place that you can find this product (of course, you must be a chocolate fan, like we said).

Fresh chocolate Cacao 70 whishkey Carre - Nama Chocolate Shop

Let bring fresh chocolate Cacao 70 whishkey Carre to your bussiness parties, formal meetings as a gift for your partners. We hope you will success in work. We sure this product will be suitable for all of your purposes with its cacao flavors.


Price: 280,000 VND / box (The price may be different in seasons)

Address: 125/45B Au Duong Lan St., Ward 2, Dis.8, HCM City.

Phone: 098.789.6856 – 0121.3767.991 – 0907.990.290

Facebook: namachocolate2014