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Aulait Cherry

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Recently people have a trend to use natural products in daily life, especially in treatment and maintaining our beauty. Since 2015, teenagers to the middle-aged have appreciated highly the way to make beauty by nature by using natural products from sheep placenta or shark fins, that called “collagen”. Heading to this trend, in Japan, E-Royce has produced lots of chocolate extracted from natural fruits. This is a breakthrough decision of E-Royce, and the product named nama chocolate Aulait Cherry was born.

Aulait Cherry Nama Chocolate - Socola tươi vị quả cherry Nhật Bản

Nama chocolate Aulait Cherry Royce

In 2015, based on this trend, nama chocolate Aulait Cherry from cherry extract has a big hit in Japan in general, and all over the world. This success is a foundation for the other new kinds of fruit extract chocolate: Fresh Strawberry Nama Chocolate, Orange-Mango Nama Chocolate, Banana Nama Chocolate and Chestnut Nama Chocolate.

Aulait Cherry Nama Chocolate - Socola tươi vị quả cherry Nhật Bản

Why did E-Royce use cherry extract to make chocolate? As you know, cherry is known as “Queen fruit of beauty”.

In each of cherry, there are lots of high amount of vitamins: Vitamin A ( 20 times as high as blueberry or strawberry), vitamin C, protein, high beta carotene….

With a large of precious vitamins, cherry helps reduce skin oxidization, prevent melanin and acnes, which makes you have a healthy and bright skin. Furthermore, cherry helps reduce cholesterol level in blood, and breaks lipit and fat mixture in the belly, so people easily lose weight.

Aulait Cherry Nama Chocolate - Socola tươi vị quả cherry Nhật Bản

Instead of eating cherry every day, people can taste it with a new way: cherry chocolate. Aulait Cherry Nama Chocolate with 20 pieces in a box, so customer feel they are taste real cherry mixing with pure cacao.

This chocolate is not too sweet and this smell is so nice from cherry, so people may not feel bored and don’t worry about gaining weight. E-Royce use dark chocolate and natural ingredients to ensure about the best quality to all customers.

Life is too short, therefore let love your health more. Aulait Cherry Nama Chocolate is the best chocolate for all. We welcome all customers and hope to bring the best thing for our health. “Nama Chocolate- bring the natural world for your health”

This product is available during the whole year.

  • Quantity: 20 pieces/ box.
  • Weight: 190g
  • Price: changeable in seasons.

Information Contact

  • Address: 287/46 Au Duong Lan Street, Ward 2, District 8, HCM City.
  • Phone: 098.789.6856 – 079.3767.991 – 0907.990.290
  • Facebook: namachocolate2014