Almond&Hazenut Carre

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If you are so tired of eating fatty chocolate or normal sweet chocolate, you are so surprised with a new version of fresh chocolate product introduced at the end of Winter 2018 and welcomed to Spring. This special chocolate is a unique combination of crispy hazenut and almond with fresh cacao. The “risk formula” brings a great result for new chocolate brand in Japan. This is Fresh chocolate Almond and Hazenut Carre from Morinaga chocolate.

Fresh chocolate Almond and Hazenut Carre - Nama Chocolate Shop

Fresh chocolate Almond and Hazenut Carre

In Japan, people often say: “I like Hazenut. I like Almond. I like Hazenut & Almond Chocolate.” People are so curious about a chocolate bar with blended nuts inside, so they find this chocolate from store and enjoy it. It’s so surprised that it attracts lots of people. This chocolate include 75% fresh chocolate with blended hazenuts and almonds inside, which has a nice smell and great taste to customer.

With good flavor of Hazenut & Almond Fresh Chocolate, you can enjoy the family environment anytime. We spend time to chat with family members to share all things in life and enjoy chocolate together. Family time is the most wonderful thing for every people. Let this new chocolate help us!

Fresh chocolate Almond and Hazenut Carre - Nama Chocolate Shop

And if you are a valuabled guest at our store, would you choose this product for your upcoming events. With our good “taste” of events and parties style, we will give you some advices.

Fresh chocolate Almond and Hazenut Carre has 2 ingredients and so this is the best for any fan of chocolate. You know that! With the combination between nuts and chocolates, you don’t need to make consideration. It will fit all your needs, completely.


Price: 280000 VND / box

The price may be different on seasons



Address: 125/45B Au Duong Lan St., Ward 2, Dis.8, HCM City.

Phone: 098.789.6856 – 0121.3767.991 – 0907.990.290

Facebook: namachocolate2014