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Nama Chocolate

Nama Chocolate (“nama” in Japanese means “fresh”) is the world best delicious chocolate among the 10 famous  chocolate.

It is an important gift in the Japanese people’s events because of it luxurious outside and the fresh feature inside. This kind of chocolate is now a food trend. Diners can enjoy and share their happiness when tasting what is called “delicious food” . Besides, the person who receives this box of chocolate may be exciting when holding it – the most famous chocolate in the world but very difficult to find in Vietnam.


Nama Chocolate is really special by its softness and smoothness in every piece of chocolate . Diners are hard to forget the “Fresh” feeling when completely enjoy a piece of nama chocolate while it is gradually melted in your mouth. That the reason why people who tried this kind of chocolate once will hard to prevent the second time.


Fresh chocolate satisfies the demand of chocolate addict but afraid of fat and sugar. Because the nama chocolate is not fat and sweet like regular chocolate, even Italian chocolate. Therefore, diners are always easefull to enjoy the nama chocolate with others without the scare of fat, sweetness or heat. About the preservation, just putting the box of nama chocolate into the cool area (not ice area) for everyday enjoyment.

nama 5

To catch the demand of diners, Nama VN shop was established, and now, our shop is the biggest shop with much good reputation in Ho Chi Minh city (and neighborhood provinces). Shop offers both wholesales and retail with a 100% guarantee on quality, always right with our slogan: “Bringing the world of taste to you”

Shop often offers the best services and events to satisfy the demand of customers, let you completely enjoy the desire of fresh chocolate

Address: 145/25b Au Duong Lan, ward 2, district 8, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 01213767991 or 0987.896.856 (recommended)

Facebook: namachocolate2012



ROYCE’ Nama Chocolate, the biggest nama chocolate brand in Japan, provides many boxes of nama chocolate which are very luxurious and delicate. One box contains 20 pieces that is suitable for your relatives, friends, partners and lovers. With the features of different layers of chocolate, when serving it, you will find the light sweetness and bitterness, then the fresh of pure chocolate flavor with many fragrance. Especially, nama chocolate is not sweet like regular chocolate.

Our shop now provides products with different flavor:

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  • Green tea (HOT)


Price: 260,000 VND

  • Mild Cacao


Price: 260,000 VND

  • Hennessy


price: 260,000 VND

  • White chocolate


Price: 260,000 VND

  • Au lait (also called Cherry)

Au Lait

Price: 260,000 VND

  • Champagne


Price: 260,000 VND

  • Indian black tea (Darjeeling – extracted from milk flowers)


Price: 260,000 VND

  • MIX A : Green tea + White Chocolate
  • MIX B : Hennessy + Green tea
  • MIX C : Green tea + Cacao

nama mix

Price: 270,000 VND

  • MIX 5 flavors : Green tea + White Chocolate + Au lait + Cacao + Hennessy

mix 5

Price: 280,000 VND

Address: 145/25b Au Duong Lan, ward 2, district 8, Ho Chi Minh city

Tel: 0121.3767.991 or 0987.896.856 (recommended)

Facebook: Namachocolate2012