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Nama Chocolate Pear

Nama Chocolate Pear Nama Chocolate Pear

Do you think that we can make a variation on pear ? Changing it to a strange dishes that is a nutrious food providing power for all the week studying and working ? If you have the same idea, then why not experiencing the Pear Nama Chocolate ? I promise you will have a pleasure feeling when enjoying a fresh nama chocolate that are not fat and too sweet but serene and fresh plus the healthy appearance. When eating this chocolate, you will believe in my word and you will find more by yourself.

Price: Based on season


Address: 125/45b Au Duong Lan, ward 2, district 8, HCM city

Tel: 01213.767.991 – 0987896856 – 0907990290

Facebook: namachocolate2012

Google site: namavnhcm